2019 Bisbee Pride Parade
To be a part of the Bisbee Pride Parade please fill out the form on this page.

You can also download the parade form below and mail it to us along with a check for payment.




At the Bisbee Pride Parade, there will be photographers and videographers who will take photographs and video, either through digital or traditional media. The use of these photographs and videos will be within the sole discretion, right and ownership of Bisbee Pride. By registering with the application, the participants hereby release to and grant Bisbee Pride any and all interests the participants may have in any such photograph or video taken at the events. 


Each motorized vehicle owner must complete a HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT the morning of the parade. Please see parade coordinator immediately upon arrival.

Please read each item below. 


​By submitting this application you agree to all terms conditions as stated below. If you have ANY questions please contact us at 520-261-8415.

Forward motion:  All contingents are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade. No stopping unless directed by Bisbee Pride staff. All performances or maneuvers must be “on the move”.


Move on cue: All contingents must be ready to move on cue at the parade start or the next contingent will proceed. The delayed contingent will proceed only at the next convenient time as determined by Bisbee Pride.


NO throwing, tossing or “Firing” of objects or items. Parade participants may not throw any item or items from their unit, float or auto.  If your entry is pulled from the parade, entry fees will not be refunded or returned.


Contingent monitor: ALL contingents are required to supply at least one monitor for every 25 participants in your contingent to assist Bisbee Pride officials while the parade is in progress. Any contingent without a monitor will not be allowed to participate.


Parking is restricted in the staging area; tow rules will be enforced. Please obey all parking signs.


Nudity and obscenity: Nudity & obscenity will not be permitted as defined by Arizona code. It is against the law to appear nude in public or to be exposed in a manner determined to be lewd, lascivious, and/or obscene.  Violators of these laws will be barred from participating in the Parade and could be subject to citation or arrest from the Bisbee Police Department.


Alcohol and drugs are violations of the law: It is illegal to possess or consume alcohol or drugs while participating on City of streets.   Any illegal behaviors and/or violations of the law will not be tolerated in the Bisbee Pride Parade staging, route, and dispersal area. You will be responsible for any fines, fees, arrests, injury, or imprisonment that may occur if you break these or any other laws. In addition, violations will be immediate cause for dismissal from the parade. Participants, who are found to have any drugs or alcohol in their possession or found to be under the influence, will be removed and their contingent will be disqualified. Please discourage your participants from consuming any alcohol or drugs prior to or during the parade. 


Solicitation: Contingents are not allowed to solicit money along the parade route.


Mission: Message content must not oppose LGBT civil rights or in any way call to incite violence. All signs or other visual messages are subject to inspection. Messages inconsistent with aims, goals, and purposes of parade as set forth above will be removed. 


Signs & banners: In order to better facilitate parade announcements and TV coverage, a sign or banner providing the name of the organization/business is recommended.    


Animal contingents: All animals must be on a leash and attended at all times. Contingents with animals must provide cleanup for all waste created by the animals. Waste cannot be left on streets. Violators will be immediately removed from the staging, parade, or dispersal area, assessed a $100 clean-up fee and barred from participation in all future Bisbee Pride events.  All animal entries must be insured for liability by their owners.  


Towing charges for any unit that becomes disabled and/or delays the Parade will be at the applicant’s expense.


All vehicular entries are required to complete and submit a “Hold Harmless/Indemnity” form before entering the lineup for the parade.


Liability insurance and valid driver’s license: Each vehicle that enters the parade line up area and/or participates in the parade must have liability insurance, and the driver must have a valid driver’s license, copies of which must be submitted with this application. These must be presented on parade day upon request from proper authorities. Failure to provide WILL disqualify the individual and/or contingent from participating in the parade.


Safety, fire, and motor vehicle rules: The City of Bisbee Fire Marshall and Police Department will enforce city fire codes, and motor vehicle regulations. It is the responsibility of each Bisbee Pride Parade contingent to know & adhere to these codes, laws, and regulations. Bisbee Pride is not responsible for your failure to meet these codes, laws, and regulations and/or for being excluded from participating in the Bisbee Pride Parade for violations of these codes, laws, and regulations. All contingents, floats, trucks, vehicles and groups will be inspected in the staging area prior to participating in the Bisbee Pride Parade and monitored during the Bisbee Pride Parade for safety and compliance with all rules and regulations. Violators are subject to being removed from participation in the parade and barred from participation in any future Bisbee Pride events.


Sales / Vending / Marketing: No sales may occur along the parade route. Bisbee Pride will patrol the route and identify and remove “Parade crashers” who have not properly registered or purchased a license to participate and are operating illegally.


Right to publish: Bisbee Pride reserves the right to publish this signed agreement, in whole or in part, in support and pursuit of its aims, goals, and purposes.


Bisbee Pride presents the annual Bisbee Pride Celebration for the public as an educational and entertainment event and reserves all rights as producers. Any reproduction, broadcast, or commercial use of any portion of the event, in whole or in part, in any form without explicit prior written consent from Bisbee Pride, Inc. is strictly prohibited. Bisbee Pride may, at its discretion, film, photocopy or tape any and all portions of the parade for commercial use.





About Bisbee Pride


Bisbee Pride began in 2004 by a small group of LGBT friends. From a small local Pride Celebration Bisbee Pride has grown into a year round community service focused non-profit organization. We enjoy strong support from the local community. In fact Bisbee was the first municipality in Arizona to pass a Civil Union Ordinance before Marriage Equality became law.

Bisbee Pride, Inc. is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization committed to the goals of wellness, education, human rights and acceptance within the LGBTQ and greater Cochise County Community. 




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